I’ve had to start tearing through my photo files doing mass deletions of all the superflous non-essentials to clear up hard drive space. Every once in awhile I come across compositions from the past that I never got around to editing and posting. These two are from April 30, 2010 at that lookout pedestrian bridge at 2nd Street in the River Market overlooking the Missouri River. I took these with my now retired original version Canon 5D that served me faithfully for three years before I got my 5D MK II a year ago.

I have accumulated so many RAWs and TIFFs that my three terabyte array in my desktop computer was nearly full and making the computer lag and run slowly – so it’s been my multiple-day project doing the tedious chore of going through deleting like mad. I’ve upgraded internal hard drive capacity two or three times before and decided I’m not doing it again – there’s no good reason to keep so many useless digital files in my computer. But occasionally I come across old stuff that’s good that I never did anything with.

Both are fisheye lens shots…

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