Occupy KC Rally Downtown Sunday

Pics from the Occupy Kansas City rally downtown near City Hall on Sunday 10/30/11. The group later marched to the Northeast section of KCMO after I departed.

West Edge on Plaza Under Demolition

Fall-ish October shots from just off the Plaza that detail somewhat the West Edge project being deconstructed before it was even finished. Get your pictures now while you still can. Friday 10/28/2011. This weekend will be busy - there's a…

Helzberg Hall @ The Kauffman Center Pics for GKD Metal Fabrics

As far as I know I'm finished shooting my work for some subcontractors on the Kauffman Center For the Performing Arts building. These are from a shoot Sunday night in Helzberg Hall - one of two performance halls at the Center. I took a number…

The Red Bus at Terminal C

Hoo hoo it's the Red Bus at Terminal C at KCI Airport. I tried Terminal B but the lot was full.

Commissioned Photos for ELP Lighting’s Work in the Kauffman Center

With the opening of the Kauffman Center last month I've been able to get to work putting together portfolio photography for some of the companies who subcontracted construction on the building who've become my photo clients. Most of my work…

John Wornall Homestead Historic Site

Yesterday afternoon was a good time to get a few snaps of this old Civil War era house and museum on Wornall in Brookside.

Brandon Ellington Campaign for Missouri 41st District Rep

On Thursday evening I caught up with Brandon Ellington at a fundraiser for his campaign for Missouri 41st District State Representative. There's a special election being held November 8. In addition to Brandon I'm performing some campaign photo…

On top of the canopy at Kauffman Center’s Helzberg Hall

While shooting some portfolio pics for GKD Metal Fabrics, a subcontractor on the Kauffman Center building that installed some stainless steel in Helzberg Hall around the ceiling and pipe organ, I also had the chance to go up on top of the canopy…

Kauffman Center Exterior With The Moon

Consecutive posts by coincidence of architect Moshe Safdie's two buildings in Kansas City - yesterday's West Edge post and these shots of the Kauffman Center's northwest side. Last night while working on some photography for subcontractors on…

West Edge Pre-Demolition

Architect Moshe Safdie's 3/4th's completed West Edge on the Plaza, being prepped for demolition after it has sat for about three years unfinished. Kansas City MO, Oct 8, 2011.

Occupy KC Protest Day 10 Rally and March

The Occupy KC protest picked up some steam Sunday with a round of speakers and a march to the Plaza in the afternoon from Penn Valley Memorial Park where the protest sit-in has been taking place near the IOU/USA shipping container temporary…

Occupy KC Protest Day 5

A couple shots from Wednesday evening during a meeting at the Occupy KC protest's Day 5 at Penn Valley Memorial Park. Oct. 5, 2011.

Occupy KC

A shot from the Occupy KC sit-in protest over near the KC Fed. Saturday Oct. 1 2011.