As far as I know I’m finished shooting my work for some subcontractors on the Kauffman Center For the Performing Arts building. These are from a shoot Sunday night in Helzberg Hall – one of two performance halls at the Center. I took a number of shots for GKD Metal Fabrics, a company that installed the stainless steel mesh at the front of the hall around the pipe organ from floor to ceiling. Quite a number more photos have been taken for them but the ones I’m posting here give a more overall view of the performance hall.

As I mentioned previously I’ll have a line of prints and products in the Kauffman Center gift shop shortly, with some exterior shots I’ve been gathering lately and a few from inside the building.

These photos alternate back and forth between fisheye and wide angle – both of which are the most useful kinds of lenses inside a lot of the building usually.

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