I’m working on a project with the creative director at Rhythm Engineering, one of Kansas City’s fastest growing young companies – and designers of advanced “self-optimizing” traffic lights. On Thursday we shot a number of photos downtown and the Plaza. These are wide-angle and fisheye lens shots of local intersections with an emphasis placed on movement and flowing traffic – although I still need to hit up the Plaza today (Saturday) while it’s busier with people on the sidewalks and so-forth. Once all the shots are compiled and picked, they’re to be used for Rhythm’s marketing, advertising, and graphics uses.

For all eleven of these, I was shooting at a very low ISO of 50 and narrow apertures between f/18 and f/22, all to slow the shutter speed down to between a fifth and a tenth of a second so that the moving traffic would appear blurred, and thus help convey a sense of motion.

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