KCMO 2020 Skyline Aerial – Drone aerial still photograph taken in February 2020 of the downtown Kansas City, MO skyline. There were several new construction projects getting underway or nearing completion at the time. It is wild to think about all that has happened since this time. It was a month before the KC metro area, and many others – began shutting down for the Coronavirus. Around that time I took in my second dog from the shelter and mostly lied around at home house-breaking a puppy. At the time this photo was shot, the 1400KC office building was just breaking ground, Loews Kansas City Hotel had nearly finished construction but was about to have its opening delayed, and a bunch of Crossroads apartment buildings were more or less getting closer to being ready to lease. Similar to this KCMO 2020 skyline aerial pic was Another recent Crossroads and Downtown aerial posting.

KCMO 2020 Skyline Aerial