For the lulz I took a round of snaps Friday afternoon at the Kauffman Center with only my fisheye lens, hoping to promulgate new things both weird and strange. Hopefully I succeeded if even just a little.

I’m performing some photo work for contractors on the construction of the Kauffman Center building, taking shots of their work for their company portfolios. Last night I was attempting to grab some evening/dusk pics of some of the light fixtures in the Brandmeyer Great Hall. I nabbed a few additional shots for the fun of it contained herein. It was a little surreal standing there alone in the hall with the lights on just after it got dark outside.

If I recall correctly the lobby/Great Hall area is open from 10 to 6 pm to the general public if you want to go see the architectural detail at work in the building.

Final shot… from October 2010 on one of my first walk-throughs, and first with Stan the chief engineer on the project…

On my brief visit back to the Kauffman Center this past Friday afternoon I nabbed a few new shots of Brandmeyer Great Hall. Progress is noticeable especially from a couple of months back, and it’s now almost complete as the Kauffman Center officially takes possession of the lobby/hall soon.

I went by the Kauffman Center again on Friday the 24th in the afternoon for a little while. One thing I haven’t done before is take out my telephoto lens and point it far across the large Brandmeyer Great Hall lobby area toward the internal cabling and skeletal structuring with glass.

Two shots from around the Brandmeyer Great Hall in the soon-to-be completed Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts in downtown Kansas City. They’ve just launched their Twitter feed for the 100 day countdown to the grand opening,!/KauffmanCenter

Above: Near what will be the bar area on the upper level with a view toward the south.

Below: One of the elevators with a bit of the KCMO skyline in the distant background (City Hall, Jackson County Courthouse, Bolling Federal Building, Sprint Center).