I went back in the Kauffman Center for another photo tour on Thursday May 26 as the building nears further completion.


Above: The grand lobby/Brandmeyer Great Hall from the lower level of the lobby on looking toward the southwest.

Below: On the upper level of the lobby. Because of the glass and light reflections you can see the Hyatt and the Lathrop & Gage buildings reflected in the glass next to the Bartle Hall Skystation pylons to the left.


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  1. Mike Dillon
    Mike Dillon says:

    How much Windex will it take to keep all that glass clean? Somebody’s got a lifelong job ahead of them. Looks impressive though……….

  2. Stan
    Stan says:

    Great stuff my friend…I look forward to walking around more with you and being your assistant. 🙂 Peace


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