As far as I know I’m finished shooting my work for some subcontractors on the Kauffman Center For the Performing Arts building. These are from a shoot Sunday night in Helzberg Hall – one of two performance halls at the Center. I took a number of shots for GKD Metal Fabrics, a company that installed the stainless steel mesh at the front of the hall around the pipe organ from floor to ceiling. Quite a number more photos have been taken for them but the ones I’m posting here give a more overall view of the performance hall.

As I mentioned previously I’ll have a line of prints and products in the Kauffman Center gift shop shortly, with some exterior shots I’ve been gathering lately and a few from inside the building.

These photos alternate back and forth between fisheye and wide angle – both of which are the most useful kinds of lenses inside a lot of the building usually.

While shooting some portfolio pics for GKD Metal Fabrics, a subcontractor on the Kauffman Center building that installed some stainless steel in Helzberg Hall around the ceiling and pipe organ, I also had the chance to go up on top of the canopy hanging from the ceiling inside Helzberg Hall – accessible by a small lift you stand in to get from just under the roof of Helzberg Hall through a hole in the floor to the top of the canopy. They had me harness up to get near the edge.

1) Front of Helzberg Hall and the pipe organ from the elevated view standing on the canopy.


3) Part of the top of the canopy on the right.

4) Canopy accessible by a lift going through the hole in the ceiling.

5) Standing above the lift down to the canopy as a couple of the Kauffman Center employees I was with were coming up the lift.

6) Some of the GKD Metal Fabrics stainless steel winding its way up to the top of Helzberg Hall, taken from the leftmost skylight space near the roof.

7) View of GKD stainless steel with the front of the hall and the canopy.