Bunch of stuff from 2013 I haven’t put up on here yet.


Skyline, Kansas City, MO.


Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri



Misc. downtown KCMO.


Downtown Kansas City MO

Kansas City Bus Motion Blur

Kansas City Bus Motion Blur




Chateau du Mercier.







Kansas City Board of Trade – marketplace for futures and options contracts on hard red winter wheat. Kansas City’s oldest business dating back to 1856, the KCBT exchange was acquired in December 2012 by Chicago’s CME Group for $126 million. I have worked at the KCBT for over six years, the last three on the trading floor. Trading volume on the exchange’s electronically traded platform is steadily risen year after year, siphoning away volume from the “old fashioned ” open outcry futures trading pit.


The KC Wheat futures and options contracts will begin open outcry trading on one of the CME’s trading floors in Chicago on July 1st, 2013 – as the last day of open outcry trading at the KCBT will be June 28.

kansas city 2013-9

kansas city 2013-10

kansas city 2013-11

kansas city 2013-12

kansas city 2013-13

kansas city 2013-14

kansas city 2013-15

kansas city 2013-16

kansas city 2013-17

kansas city 2013-18

kansas city 2013-19

Kansas CIty Board of Trade

kansas city 2013-21

kansas city 2013-22

kansas city 2013-23



Shawnee Mission Medical Center – Birth Center maternal care addition – interior architecture photos. Maybe one day I’ll get around to some of the exteriors.


kansas city 2013-24

kansas city 2013-25

kansas city 2013-26

kansas city 2013-27

kansas city 2013-28

kansas city 2013-29

kansas city 2013-30

kansas city 2013-31

kansas city 2013-32

kansas city 2013-33

kansas city 2013-34



More KCMO Skyline, and a bit wit the Scout Statue.


Downtown Kansas City Skyline

kansas city 2013-36

kansas city 2013-37



Water and sewer photos – starting with the KC Waterworks water treatment facility.


kansas city 2013-38

kansas city 2013-39

kansas city 2013-40

kansas city 2013-41



At the KC Water Department storage facility, a lot of new infrastructure like sewer and water pipes, fire hydrants and all kinds of other things to be implemented in KC this year.


Kansas City Sewer Overhaul

kansas city 2013-43

kansas city 2013-44



Out on site – fixin’ the sewers.


kansas city 2013-45

kansas city 2013-46

kansas city 2013-47

kansas city 2013-48

kansas city 2013-49

kansas city 2013-50

kansas city 2013-51

kansas city 2013-52

Here we have a couple shots from near the gates to the driveway at Liberty Memorial, a couple closer up from along the sidewalk looking toward the skyline and past the Memorial with my long telephoto lens, then off to the side where I climbed up to a spot I’ve gone to three or four times now without being told by any security staff to get down. This spot allows for a slightly atypical view than the usual scene from directly north of the Memorial base – and from here you can practically make the Kauffman Center sit right behind Union Station in the photo.

Penn Valley Park

Downtown Kansas City

Kansas City Skyline

Kansas City Skyline

Downtown Kansas City

Downtown Kansas City

Downtown Kansas City

Downtown Kansas City

Photos of the highway loop with the skyline along Truman Road – one of the 1970s urban renewal schemes.

Photos with my telephoto lens only taken from Kaw Point Park in KCK with some shots looking toward the KCMO skyline and others of bridges over what I think is the Kansas River.

Photos from Saturday evening in the Crossroads after taking the Roasterie airplane photos posted yesterday – Kansas City, MO.

MAX bus shelter across from the Kauffman Center:

Webster House and the Kauffman Center:

After turning around…

I climbed a chain link fence, tearing up my jeans and underwear, to get these rooftop skyline shots from along Baltimore:

View of the Kauffman Center’s southeast side from the roof of the one-story building on Baltimore St:

Artistic guardrails over the highway along Wyandotte Street across from the Convention Center Ballroom:

North side of the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts from the Convention Center:

View toward Crown Center from the Convention Center:

Skyline shots and such with my telephoto lens taken by the Troost Bridge just north of 24th and Troost heading into downtown Kansas City. It was kind of an aimless night and that’s why there’s so many here of similar composition. 

Downtown KCMO from Liberty Memorial – taken from a certain spot off to the side of the Memorial and on an elevated surface. If a security guard had seen me I probably would have been asked to get down, but luckily no one did.


I took these three shots the same night as the Bond Bridge photos from a couple days ago, near the Missouri River and Olive & Front St.