The annual Celebration at the Station took place last night leading into Memorial Day with a concert from the Kansas City symphony at Union Station and Liberty Memorial. The warm weather brought a big turn-out. I’ve made a habit of getting new shots of this event each year for five years in a row now. Photos shown in chronological order, Sunday evening May 29 on Memorial Day weekend.

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  1. Mo Rage
    Mo Rage says:

    Eric, you always do great stuff, always, but sometimes things are even better than usual. These are magnificent. To say you have a great eye doesn’t do you justice.

  2. Kevin Weyand
    Kevin Weyand says:

    Found – 1 black digital camera on grassy hill after the fireworks display. It will be turned in to the union station lost and found.

  3. Roy Inman
    Roy Inman says:

    Eric, I saw the one image of the Kauffman Center (terrific!!!), and that prompted me to go your web site. Problem was, it took far too long for images to load. Once they did appear, they were great, but I fear that not eveyone will be as patient as I. Maybe a lower res? BTW, I am on a pretty high speed Mac.


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