Pics mostly pointed at the Kansas City Missouri skyline on Sunday night from the vantage point of near some steps at Liberty Memorial. The first two were taken with my Canon 24-105 L lens and the remaining with my 100-400 L, with my lucky 5D Mark II dslr. 8/21/2011.

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  1. Jim Buckley
    Jim Buckley says:

    I love the unconventional angle of the Liberty Memorial. Would also like to commend you on your post processing. Wouldn’t be using Topaz by any chance?

    Have you ever tried a cityscape from north of the river? I found a place in an apartment complex on the bluff facing downtown that I thought would be an excellent place for good panoramic shots of the city. Never got to take any good shots because at the time I only had a cheap point-n-shoot.

    In closing I would like to compliment you again on some wonderful captures.



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